Best Brita Water Filter Pitchers – Reviews & Top Picks for 2021

brita filter pitcher

Brita water filter pitchers are of the best and most popular filters. They’ve been around a long time, and they are probably available in stores near you. However, Brita has a variety of filter pitchers to choose from.

We asked ourselves this question and set out to find an answer. After putting all Brita water filter pitchers to the test, we’ve compiled the following reviews of our five favorites to help you make your decision.

Summary of The Best Brita Water Filter Pitchers 2021 Winners






Brita Everyday Pitcher

Filtration at a reasonable price

Brita Metro Pitcher

Space-saving design

Brita Monterey Pitcher

Status indicator light on the lid

Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher

Flap to close the reservoir

Brita 6 Cup Space Saver BPA

Space Saving

The 5 Best Brita Water Filter Pitchers

1. Brita Everyday Pitcher with Filters – Best Overall

Water filter Pitcher

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The Brita Everyday Pitcher is a cost-effective way to obtain pure filtered water that is free of mercury, chlorine, copper, and other toxins. Most importantly, the water tastes fantastic, and you’ll enjoy how refreshing and delicious it is. This one carries 10 cups of water, so one fill will last most of the day. It uses ordinary Brita filters, but you can upgrade to the Longlast filter, which will provide daily filtration for 6 months.

While we liked this filter in general, it had a few issues that we didn’t like. To begin, this is an open design with no lid on the pouring spout. It’s hardly the end of the world, but we’d prefer to see a lid with a cover. Second, instead of the button-operated light found on other models, the filter indicator is a sticker. Despite these two flaws, the Everyday Pitcher was quick, efficient, and supplied great-tasting water at a reasonable price, earning it our highest rating.


  • Filtration at a reasonable price
  • Available with Longlast filter
  • 10-cup capacity


  • There is no flap in the open design.
  • A sticker serves as a filter indicator.

2. Brita Metro Pitcher with Filter – Best Value

Water filter Pitcher

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We weren’t sure what to anticipate from the Metro because it was the cheapest Brita pitcher we tested. Finally, we were pleasantly impressed by its combination of good performance and low price, which is why we believe it is the best Brita water filter pitcher for the money. Filter indicator lights are incorporated into the lid, so you always know how long the filter will last before you need to replace it. It does have a very little capacity of about 5 cups, which we wished was larger. The modest capacity, on the other hand, is a quirk of the space-saving design, which fits neatly into any refrigerator.

The Metro, like several other low-cost Brita pitchers, features an open design with no lid over the pouring spout. This should be closed so that our filtered water is not exposed. When you want to pour from the pitcher, the lid locks, so it won’t fall out. Overall, the Metro Pitcher’s exceptional water quality and affordable cost helped it gain our second place and the title of best value.


  • Space-saving design
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Lid that actually closes


  • Your water is exposed due to the open design
  • Only 5 cup capacity

3. Brita Monterey 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher – Premium Choice

Water filter Pitcher

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Though the Monterey water filtration pitcher is more expensive than many of the other Brita pitchers, we believe it is worth the extra money, which is why it is our premium choice pick. This one has a Longlast filter that will last 6 months of daily filtering or 900 standard water bottles of filtered water. The Monterey has a huge reservoir that contains 10 cups of filtered water, ready to relieve your thirst with a delightful and fresh flavor at any time.

Because this is one of the larger, heavier units, you can anticipate it to take up a little more room in your fridge. The filter status indicator lights incorporated into the lid are among the main features. The Monterey is also one of the few Brita filter pitchers with a flap that covers the pouring spout when not in use. Overall, we believe it is one of the best Brita filter pitchers available, despite its higher price.


  • Uses the Longlast filter
  • 10-cup water capacity
  • Status indicator light on the lid


  • A little bit pricey

4. Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Water filter Pitcher

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The Brita Large 10-cup water filter pitcher has a lot to enjoy, but it fell short of our recommendation due to a few difficulties with longevity. The big water capacity of 10 cups was welcomed, however several other versions have the same capacity. We were pleased to learn that this one had a lid flap to seal the pouring spout. It also comes with the normal filter indication lights, so you’ll always know when it’s time to replace your filter.

It is also less durable than the other devices we tested, despite being one of the more expensive types. Ours developed a leak at the point where the handle connects to the reservoir, rendering it nearly useless. After only a few months of use, this happened. The unsecured lid would not stay latched and would open during pouring from the start. It even came loose at one point, but no harm was done. We wanted to enjoy this filter, but other Brita pitchers, even with a 10-cup capacity, were more securely built.


  • Flap to close the reservoir
  • Filter indicator lights
  • 10-cup water capacity


  • The loose top refused to stay put
  • There’s a leak where the handle connects
  • One of the priciest models available

5. Brita 6 Cup Space Saver BPA

Brita 36035 Space Saver Pitcher

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The Brita 6 Cup Space Saver BPA had a low price, but we didn’t like the poor build quality. Even congested refrigerators should be able to fit this pitcher because it doesn’t take up much room. The capacity is relatively limited, at only six cups, which is unsurprising. The spout cover, which keeps the reservoir closed when the pitcher is not in use, is a nice feature, but ours snapped off after only a few weeks. Worse, the handle began to fall apart not long after. The rear plastic peeled off, leaving the handle jagged and rough. It still functioned, but it was no longer pleasant to use. Overall, it’s not very well built, and while it’s reasonably priced, we believe other Brita filter pitchers offer a better value for the money.


  • It doesn’t take up much fridge space.


  • Only 6 cups can be stored
  • The spout cover can broke off
  • The handle began to fall apart


Water filter pitchers are a cost-effective way to obtain delicious, pure filtered water in your home. Brita is one of the most well-known brands of these products, and their filters are widely available, making them an easy choice. With so many options available, deciding which one best meets your needs can be difficult. To that end, we’ve tried them all and reviewed the top five. The Brita Everyday Pitcher, with its incredible 10-cup water capacity and low price, was our overall favorite. It is also available with the Longlast filter, which lasts up to three times as long as a standard Brita filter.